The Bekiry: Ang Bakery ng mga Beking Bekers

Aug 29, 2014
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The Bekiry: Ang Bakery ng mga Beking Bekers

The cupcake craze in the Philippines has been around for years now. With so many options available, what makes a cupcake store stand out from the crowd? First, you’ve got to have good tasting treats and second, you’ve got to have a winning concept. Ika-nga sa becky linggo, dapat award teh!


The Bekiry is a small cupcake business my friends found out on facebook. The store was established in 2011 by three friends who wanted to fund a trip in Boracay. Cupcake names are “becky”-inspired with quirky and hilarious description. So when I first heard that they are now back in business, I immediately ordered my “kyopcakes” through their online form. Chostomers (customers) have to wait for a text confirmation after completing an order online. The bekers are very accommodating and friendly. We even threw “becky”  languages over SMS. I had fun texting them. Hahahaha. Nakakalurkey at nakakahawa sila kausap.


The Bekiry delivers every Wednesday and Saturday. They require a minimum order of 6 pieces for their “Mudak” cupcakes. For their “Backlettes” naman, they require 1 dozen. “Mudak” is their term for their big cupcakes whilst “Backlettes” is for the small ones. Ang Taray di ba???


The Bekiry offers seven varieties of cupcake. Each flavor is really tempting and mouth-watering. And so I ordered all of them! Hihi Kilalanin natin ang cupcakes na babago sa buhay ko — at sa diet ko.


Pookie Dough

Though this is not their best seller, Pookie Dough is my personal favorite. I should have ordered 6 of this! (regrets, regrets…) Ito ang cupcake na pinapangarap ng lalake bakla man o hindi. LOL


This cupcake has a chocolate base with homemade cookie dough inside, topped with milky frosting. I really love the delicate combination of flavors, the fact that it’s not too sweet. It has the right amount of sweetness blended with a milky taste. I so love the texture of the dough too. There’s the crisp at first bite and the chewiness on the inside. Pookie Dough is the best cupcake I ever tasted. Better than those commercialized cupcake shops. (kabog silang lahat. Pramis!)


Wintermelon TEA-boom

Lesbi-honest. You might be curious sa lasa ni Wintermelon TEA-boom. These babies got me intrigued too. Winter melon tea  turned into cupcakes. How cool is that? Second to my most favorite, it hooked me! That frothy, luscious cream cheese with a hint of winter melon is out of this world! Plus the classic and fluffy yellow cupcake. I’ll definitely order this soon! My office mates loved it too! 🙂


Nuts over Banana

Bekiry’s best seller. Para sa mga confused kung ano ang gusto: mani or saging. Hahahah. A moist and fluffy banana based cupcake with a decadent peanut butter frosting. A good combination of peanut butter and banana, its flavors do not overpower each other.


Red Velveloosh

The traditional red velvet cupcakes topped with luscious cream cheese icing. I’m not a fan of cream cheese. I just don’t like its tangy flavor. Bekiry has just made me eat a cream cheese frosted cupcake. Their icing goes well on the moist cupcake.


Big Brown Cupcake and Chocolati Gang

BBC is a classic chocolate flavored cupcake with rich, creamy chocolate frosting. Those chocoholics out there will surely love this. Chocolati Gang is just a miniature version of the Big Brown Cupcake.


Choco Pamin

Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to indulge over this treat. Si beker kasi na Lito Atienza ata sa order ko. Hahaha. But they promised to make bawi on my next order.  Choco pamin is dedicated for those tough on the outside pero sweet on the inside. Sweet peppermint frosting on top of a decadent chocolate base with a surprise center.


The Bekiry

Making the world gay (happy). One cupcake at a time.

Facebook: the bekiry

Instagram: @thebekiry

Twitter: @thebekiry



Photos courtesy of my hot na hot na friend, Lau. Thanks beks! 🙂

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