#HappyProject: Andi Manzano’s Blog

Jul 25, 2014
#HappyProject: Andi Manzano’s Blog

Our #HappyProject with Andi Manzano is quite unexpected. It was late at night when my friend Rhev called and told me about Andi’s post on facebook. And yes, it all started with a single fb post:

“Looking for a web designer! Pm me if interested! Also email me your works andiandjessica@gmail.com”



I have second thoughts that night. Although I have worked with several clients, I know it would be different working with a public figure like Andi. Hey, she got like a thousand followers. I don’t want to be bombarded with pressure and expectations. The fact that I’m about to start my blog site and my online shop. I know I have no room for another challenge. And so I ignored the post.

The next day as I was browsing my news feed, I read a quote and it hit me.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.”

That morning I emailed Andi, hoping for a positive response. And guess what happened next? I got the project!!! :)) I feel so blessed to be part of her #HappyProject. Thanks to you Rhev for spreading me the news! Not only do I get to design her blog site, I also referred my friend Rhev to Andi. He’s a WP and Magento developer, so if ever you’ll be needing someone to code for your website, I highly recommend him. **wink**

We were that excited! It was really a pleasure to finally meet the Magic 89.9’s popular dj. Andi is so down to earth. She is really pretty (inside and out). We spend hours of brainstorming. I learned that she’s fanatic of black and white. Loves simplicity. And is a woman with class and elegance. “I want it to reflect on my site”, she said.


I found out that she always dreamed of having a blog. And we’re making her dreams come true! YAY!

It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do, but I was scared and I doubted myself a lot about it but this year I decided to take step of faith, take the risk… And hey let’s see where it takes me or how it goes!”, she added.

Anyways, just to share a teaser of her website. Here are some of the screenshots of our #HappyProject:





Lastly, I would like to thank Andi for trusting me to be part of her dream in the making. Goodluck on your blog site! 🙂 I enjoyed every moment of the project. It was fun working with you Andi. The entire meeting was so light that I think we were laughing 80% of the time. I thank God for having me this wonderful opportunity. Cheers!

And oh, you may visit Andi’s blog here.

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