Kelly Misa: Blog and Branding Redesign

Nov 05, 2017
Kelly Misa: Blog and Branding Redesign

It’s been a while since the last time I updated my design portfolio!

Truth is, I’ve been low key in promoting my design services ever since. Not a single post on my fb page. Around 200 likes on my account. I have lots of drafted articles on my dashboard. Thirty-one drafts and counting. Hahaha! I decided to update my blog site today. And for a fresh start, I’ll be posting about a recent project.

Kelly messaged me through email asking ideas for a blog redesign. I do not personally know her but I’m one of her blog readers. I felt a mini heart attack after reading her email. “Should I wear heels? Jeans or dress? Hair-down or tied up?”, few questions that keep looping on my mind. Okay a bit of background: Kelly is a fashion blogger, model, tv host and a beauty columnist. Now you know why I’m a bit conscious prior to meeting her 🙂 I mean. Would you not???

We met up with Kelly the following week and tackled about her plans for her website. She said she wanted a straight forward design yet appealing layout. I learned that she created her current site on her own a few years ago. Wow! All along I thought she got someone working on her blog.

I get excited to this project the most because it’s different from the typical content-on-the-left and sidebar-on-the-right type of blog. From the black and white old palette, she now opts to pastel and earthy tones. I think midnight blue and blush shades will complement her style so I came up with the mood board below:

She loved the colors I picked and cannot wait to get her blog design done. I first worked out her branding style. She’s into signatures and minimalism when it comes to her logo. So I presented her design studies that I think would fit to what she’s looking for.

She’s torn between study 1 and 3. But in the end she decided she feels study 1 reflects a bit of her personality. I agree to that too. I spent about a week in polishing her landing page designs. I want it to be perfect. There were times I drafted several layouts and then discarded them by the end of the day because I’m not happy with the results. Hahahaha.

The challenge is to make Kelly’s blog not only look and feel approachable but exude a level of professionalism with style. She wanted her site to be minimalist, with lots of white spaces to bring more focus to the content and the photographs. My personal favorite is the customized dropdown menus and the looping video on the page. It’s the first time my dev partner and I worked with something like this and that makes me proud.

Here’s a little peek at Kelly’s website mockup:

Overall, it was such a pleasure working with Kelly, and learning a whole lot from her in the process especially the keto diet tips — which I thought was the best part of it all. 😉

Thanks, Kelly, for the opportunity. FISTBUMP!


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