Moo Business Cards

Sep 19, 2014
Moo Business Cards

In the last few months, I have launched my blogfolio site. And today, I have my ‘Luxe’ mini cards ready courtesy of Moo (10% off link). For those of you that haven’t heard of Moo (very few of you I expect) they’re an absolutely brilliant online printing business specializing in premium business stationery and promotional materials. I accidentally found them via Google while looking for business card inspirations. Here’s a few little reasons I picked Moo:


  • Moo allows customers to print multiple images in a pack. They call it  printfinity giving you your very own pocket portfolio.



  • Don’t have your own design yet? No problem. With moo, you can pick from hundreds of professional design templates.


  • I love how Moo means their promise: we’re not happy until you’re happy. I’ve personally experienced this, got the blank mini cards (which I know it was my slooowww net connection’s fault), emailed them about the prob and they sent me another set of mini cards all for FREE! (I love them to bits <3 )


  • Ordering is easy as A-B-C. All you have to do is create an account and use their online platform to order.


They’re packaging is so adorbs! When I opened my parcel, this box got me really excited.


These are colorful cards included. Give them away to your friends for special discounts. Here’s a 10% off link. Click here. Hurry!


My pretty little Moo business cards. <3 The only downside: they’re so lovely I want to keep them forever. Hahaha!


See how thick their paper is? It’s Mohawk’s finest paper they sandwiched four layers together, to create an impressively heavy, and unforgettable card. Remarkable!

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