Questions to Ask before Saying I Do

May 27, 2016
Questions to Ask before Saying I Do

The day my boyfriend proposed, my mind was in cloud nine. There we’re so many things running through my head…

When are we going to have the Big Day?

Where will it be held?

Will we have a church or garden ceremony? A beach wedding perhaps?

What kind of theme are we going to have? What type of dress am I going to wear?

How many guests are we having? Who will be the bridesmaids?

Can you imagine how overwhelmed I am? Hahaha.

Three weeks din yung pagka-aligaga ko. I spent countless hours pinning wedding blogs. Flipping through the pages of every Bridal magazine. Napapanaginipan ko pa nga. Charot lang. LOL. I emailed different suppliers kahit na wala pa kaming schedule at venue ng kasal. Yung excitement ko sa wedding preps umabot gang Outer Space…

Until I came across this site… And it hit me… HARD!

Most people tend to spend so much time planning the perfect wedding than they do preparing for a happy marriage. I am guilty of this. After reading the article, this question keeps bugging me: How do you prepare for marriage so that “I do” is the beginning of bliss, rather than regret?

Having 5 years of relationship with him, I thought we have discussed almost everything.  But we haven’t gotten into deeper topics like expectations, finances, etc. There is no doubt that the key to a successful marriage is “Communication”.

Here are 130 Questions for couples to get the conversations going! It includes 7 gorgeous pages with questions under these categories: Family, Expectations, Communication & Conflict, Finances, Intimacy (Yes, even sex), Spiritually and more. You may download it here.


I printed them out so it would come handy whenever and wherever. The questions are designed to get you talking about subjects that are part of the marriage foundation that you might have missed out. I plan to place it in our Wedding Binder but my mind goes crazy and thought it would be better to place strips of questions inside a cutie patootie jar. Hahahaha. Mas may thrill kung bunutan. LOL. This could be a great gift to your newly-engaged friend as well.

I first introduced this to my fiance while we’re having dinner. And what do you expect from guys? (Sexist here. HAHA) Unang reaksyon nya, “Para san yan? Kailangan ba yan?” Wahahahaha. He thought as if it’s kinda girly thing to do. But I encouraged him to just try answering a few questions. I started with the Intimacy category to catch his attention. O ayan tip mga ladies, get his interest first. Hahahaha. Simulan mo sa  “How often do you expect physical intimacy when we get married?” pag hindi pa naging willing yan sa Q&A portion nyo.


Whenever we find time, we took turns asking each other these questions. The answers to these questions shouldn’t be deal-breakers — but knowing them should help make one a better spouse. It’s not to make you two argue, it’s to make you understand each other more.

This kind of small talks were vital in establishing strong communication skills early in our marriage. It gave us opportunities to share our feelings openly and even talk about some of those uncomfortable topics in a safe way. Remember, everyone is different and it’s important that you’re aware and ready to accept those differences before you decide to get married.


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