That Beautiful Mistake: Red Velvet Mud Pie

Dec 22, 2014
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That Beautiful Mistake: Red Velvet Mud Pie

Christmas is just around the corner, and maybe most of you are busy thinking of gifts to give your family, friends and loved ones. At ang pinaka swak sa bulsa na ipangregalo sa mga kaopisina at friends eh anu pa nga ba? Edi pagkain. Mas okay kung ikaw mismo ang gagawa para very personalised ang datingan. Mukhang pinagisipan at pinaglaanan ng panahon. Instead of making a traditional cake or cupcakes, I thought I’d jazz up this recipe by layering crumbled red velvet cake with frosting in my favorite Mason Jars. Finishing them off with a sprinkling of red and green candies perfect for the holiday theme.

Anyone wondering why I named this post with “That Beautiful Mistake?” Hahaha. Because it was a mistake made beautifully. Ganito kasi yun, let me explain. This recipe was supposedly a Red Velvet in a Jar which would look similar to this:


Ganda nya noh? Wag muna mamangha hindi ko yan gawa. Kinuha ko lang sa net. Wahahaha. But because I failed in making the frosting as smooth and creamy as it should be. So in short, nagrambulan ang layering ko:


Pero sabi nga nila, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Buti na lang kahit epic fail ang frosting ko, it tastes sinfully delicious. Oo. Sa sobrang sarap, magkakasala ka. Mapaparami kain mo. Taob ang bote for sure. Bentang benta sa mga officemates ko. Nakakakilig silang pagmasdang kumakain habang sarap na sarap sa binake mo. Eto na ang simula ng Cupcake Business ko. Patikim lang yan, next time maniningil na ko. Choz. At first, I was doubtful of posting this recipe kasi nga ang chaka ng kinalabasan. At least cute ang jars, daanin na lang natin sa design. Parang fashionista na di kagandahan pero pak na pak sa pormahan. Carry na yun beh. Hahaha.

Thanks to my friend, Kat, who named this recipe, “Red Velvet Mud Pie.” Yung totoo teh, insulto ba yun nung tinanong mo ko kung Mud Pie ito with the excited and happy face??? Wahahaha. Pero infairness dahil dyan nagka-idea ako kung ano itatawag ko sa recipe na ‘to. Okay sige, kung sakaling curious ka sa lasa, why not try this out.


For the Cake
500g of Red Velvet Mix
3 eggs
160ml oil
120ml water

For the Frosting
1 cupΒ heavy cream (I used Ambiante Topping)
Zest of Lemon

For the Decoration
Mason Jars
Small Plastic Cups
Christmas Tags
Red Ribbon
Gold Yarn
Wooden Spoon

Yields:Β 8-10 small plastic cups / 4-6 mason jars


Preheat oven to 200 degrees F. Grease cake pan with oil. Mix together flour, eggs, oil and water. Beat the first four ingredients until combined.


Pour batter into baking pan. Tap them on the table to level out the batter and release air bubbles.


Bake for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick inserted near the middle comes out clean but be careful not to over bake or you’ll end up with a dry cake.


Crumble the cake into fine consistency. And now it’s time for the frosting.


Pour the heavy cream into the bowl. Add lemon zest. Mix together cream and lemon zest until well combined. Prepare your jars. Tie a ribbon around it. Insert a spoon and add a Christmas tag until bonggabels na ang jars mo. Ready to be filled with home-made goodies!




Place crumbled cake into jars. Pipe a layer of frosting directly onto the cake layer. Repeat the layering process until you reach the top of your jar. Each cupcake will yield 2-3 layers depending on how thick you want your layers to be. But since mud pie nga ito, you don’t have to worry sa layering hahaha. Pero kung trip mo makipaglokohan, go push!


If desired, garnish with festive sprinkles. Pero sa recipe na ‘to, Kahit hindi na. Hahaha. Kasi after a while, makikigulo na rin ang sprinkles sa frosting at cake.


Taddah! Pwede nyo na ipamigay sa mga friends or officemates. Happy holidays everyone! πŸ˜‰

  1. rica

    Hahaha, I never thought reading a food related post would be so much fun! πŸ™‚ you really have a sense of humor dear! πŸ™‚ You just made my day! πŸ™‚ Your version still looks delish! I don’t have the talent in baking, most of my sisters kc already knew how to bake. I found your blog through Anne and would definitely put your blog on my reading list πŸ™‚ Happy new year dear and cheers for more blogging years ahead! πŸ™‚ following your blog now!
    Best regards,

  2. aezel cabrales Post author

    Hello Rica! Thanks for dropping by. This means the world to me. Nakakakilig magbasa ng comments from a reader, nakakataba ng heart <3
    I'm currently browsing your blog too! I found your baby doll really adorbs! Nakakagigil! :))

  3. rica

    Awe thank you.. πŸ™‚ I’ve been looking for this kind of blog! Nakakatuwa magbasa, I can’t help it pero natatawa ako. It surely brings a smile on my face! πŸ™‚

  4. Open

    thanx for your simple and easy step by step ricepe I can’t now say ..baking is a piece of cake. I’ve tried it using your ricepe and the cake comes out super moist but since I have a bit ofο»Ώ a sweet tooth I might use 1/2 cup of sugar the next time I back this cake but over all its simple easy and delightful

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