Katie Humphrey

Katie Humphrey, Lifestyle Consultant

Working with Aezel has been an absolute pleasure! She first designed my website with creativity and innovation, giving me what I asked for and then some. It’s allowed my company to increase program prices and present with a higher quality brand. Since then, we’ve had her design everything from logos, worksheets, keychains, postcards and headers. I can’t recommend a designer more highly if you’re looking for high-end work with a quick turnaround and impeccable quality.

Sedarius Tekara Perrotta

Sedarius Tekara Perrotta, President Neuron Global Inc

Ms. Aezel Cabrales is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she professional, talented and has an excellent sense of design, she also works surprisingly fast. We gave her a large work load and she delivered on time and on budget. Again and again she has exceeded our expectations. The only downside of working with Ms. Cabrales is she’s usually so backlogged with projects that you need to reserve her months in advance!

I can give her my endorsement with full confidence.

Victoria Humphrey

Victoria Humphrey, Gray-haired Hipster-in-chief

Aezel designed my first professional website in the fall of 2013, which was my first experience with web design beyond a crude blog. Aezel proved to be a patient and professional designer, communicator and teacher during the project. The result was great blend of service to my wishes and suggestions for design elements and support services well beyond my experience. Because of her good work she is now contributing to my entire brand with additional print and media designs. Aezel-girl, you rock!


Chux, Entrepreneur

The good thing about working with Aezel is she followed instructions precisely, produced high quality design above expectations for my website, and delivered ahead of time which allowed me to hit my milestones on time as well.

Jona Jovenal

Jona Jovenal, CEO Fast Loan

Aezel Cabrales is very easy to work with, very patient with me and responds quickly in my needs. She works really fast and is open to additional ideas. Very flexible and has vague ideas. She had done exactly what I wanted.