Things You Should Know When You Turn 25(ish)

Oct 31, 2014
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Things You Should Know When You Turn 25(ish)

Warning: Senti post~! Haha.

Ang post na ito ay para sa mga edad bente singko pataas. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan.


With my birthday approaching really fast, I figured I needed to blog about something more personal today. Soon enough, I’ll be turning 20-something… Okay. I’m turning 22. Fine. Pakatotoo tayo. It’s 26.  I’m getting old -_-

Gone are the awkward days of my teenage years. I began to understand the whys and hows of life I wish I knew from the start. Life could be a lot of different when you’re a quarter of a century old.

To sum it all up, here’s a list of the things I’ve realized the day I turned 25-ish =)

1. Make time for your family… and friends

Now is the time to really value the relationships you have, whether it be family, friends or a special someone <3 And by that I mean cherishing every moment you’ve got with the people around you. Spend time with your family especially your parents. Respect that they are not getting any younger. Be always available when they ask for your time. Kahit na 100x busy ka pa. They won’t be around forever. Isipin mo na lang yung lahat mga mga ki-nick back mo sa nanay at tatay mo noon. Mga pagka-cutting classes nung highschool ka pa. Mas maappreciate mo sila ngayon. Kung bakit ko alam? Based on experience yan >_<

2. Love your body and your body will love you back

Five years ago, I could stuff myself with whatever I want. French fries. Kwek-kwek. Softdrinks. Isawwwww.   /tummy grumbles

As we get older, metabolism catches up (and it’s quite frustrating). So when you reach 25, it’s great to know how to stay fit and healthy. Getting in shape doesn’t mean not to eat at all and die yourself to hunger. Hindi tayo aabot sa mala Anne Curtis levels na katawan. So kalma lang. Being healthy is all about balance. Try to exercise regularly. Switch your food choices from processed to fresh ones. Make time to sleep. Always release your happy hormones.

3. Learn to Spend your Money Wisely

When I hit 25, I begin to understand the real value of my hard-earned money.  I’m a shopaholic back then. Okay. But that was back then. I’m a bit mature now. Take note of the word “bit” ─‿‿─

Part of being a mature adult *ehem* is learning to live within your means all the time. Recently, I follow the 70-20-10 principle. Simple lang ang rule nito:

70% – for living expenses (rent, food, clothing, etc)

20% – for savings (investment, emergency fund, etc)

10% – for tithes

Say, you’re earning P20,000 a month. The 70% of your income is P14,000. So starting today, live within P14,000. Goodbye iPhone 6 at starbucks ka muna. Your 20% should go to your savings automatically. Para san yung 10%? It really depends on you. Dito na pumapasok ang kanya-kanyang paniniwala. I believe in giving my tithes to God. Pero kung di ka naniniwala sa ganun, hindi kita pipilitin. Meron tayong freewill gamitin natin ito.

4. Don’t Rush Dating and Marriage

It’s normal to want somebody to love and be loved. But being 25(ish) means we know that being in a relationship takes work – lots of it. It is more than just a feeling. It is a commitment. Graduate na kayo sa PBB teens mode. Stop na sa paglalandi. Kung di kayang magseryoso, wag kang pumasok sa relasyon! #harshtag #hugot

In a relationship? If you think he/she is not the right person, then leave. It’s not fair to that person, and it’s not fair to you. Eh 5 years na kami, nakakahinayang. Tska 29 years old na ko, malapit ng maexpire ovary ko. Pag iniwan ko pa sya, baka maging single na ko forever. Then decide whether you choose to stay or not, the risk only depends on you. Kung magstay ka, wag mag-inarte. Pagtiisan mo yan, ginusto mo yan eh.

Ang core question kasi dito is: “when is the right time to get married?”

I remember when I was in college sabi ko sa sarili ko papakasal ako at the age of 22. I turned 22 and realized I’m still not ready to move on the next level. Madami pa kong gustong gawin. Kaya papakasal ako pag 25 na ko. Nakalagpas na ang 25, heto’t 26 na nga ko, papaextend na naman ako hahahah. Pero eto last na. Gang 27 lang ang deadline ko sa sarili ko, pag di pa naisakatuparan ako na ang magpopropose. Joke lang. Don’t rush nga e. It doesn’t matter whether you get married at 22 or at 30. Wag kang mapressure sa newsfeed ng facebook mo na inuulan ng wedding pictures at engagement status. Pag stable na kayo at pareho na kayong sigurado na pasok sa jar ang buhay may asawa, edi go lang ng go. Always trust God and His perfect timing.

Married? (edi ikaw na LOL bitter lang? hahaha) ~! If you’re already married then work harder on your marriage. Rekindle the love each day of your lives. Stay happy as a couple.

Single? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You’re still awesome. It’s important to be happy on your own before someone steps in. The upside is you get to meet people. Eto na ang chance mong humarot. So get out there! The whole world is waiting for you.

5. Get the Job You Love

This is a great time to figure out what kind of work you love. Know your passion and what you’re good at. If you think you have the skill in design, then do something to get in the design field. Take up short courses if you must. I am no good in arts pero dahil gustong gusto ko ang web design, nag aral ako. Extra effort kumbaga.

But of course, you need to consider things. Hindi pwedeng puro love ang pinapairal. You love photography so much na you’ve decided to resign kahit na P49,638.22 pa ang sahod monthly sa current job mo. Igi-give up ko yung trabaho ko kasi nasa pagpo-photographer ang puso ko.

Realidad brader. Walang masama sa pagiging photographer, in fact gusto ko rin yung field na yun. Pero mahal ang camera at accessories. May pang invest ka na? Pano kung bread winner ka? Graduating ang pinagaaral mong kapatid? May sakit ang nanay mo? (knock on wood)


Nastress ka ba sa mga pinagsasasabi ko? LOL. Pero ayun nga, sa ganitong kaso mas paiiralin mo pa ba yang passion-passion na yan?


Sad to say, depende sa sitwasyon. Pero never say die, time will come. Malay mo di ba? :))

6. Be a Better You

Kung ang mga apps at OS nga nag-uupdate, dapat ikaw din may version 2.0 ^_^ In short, don’t get stuck. Learn a new skill. Craft a great meal every weekend. Find a rhythm for spiritual disciplines. Give to charity. Move. Travel. Risk. Take on every opportunity.

When you hit 28 or 30, lahat ng bagay nagsisimula ng mahati. And in those years, you’ll definitely see two kinds of people: on one side, people who have used their 20s to learn and grow, to pursue on making their dreams happen. People who know how to have fun, but also know when to get serious. They are the ones who know how to overcome pressure. People who have pushed through to become an empowered adult.

And then there’s the other kind, sila yung mga taong hindi maka-move on sa puberty stage. They’ve stayed with someone they think they deserve, because they don’t want to be lonely. Kaya kong magpakatanga sa ngalan ng pag-ibig. Kahit 100x nya pa ko lokohin, okay lang. Mahal ko e.

They’ve stayed in jobs they hate because they’re too scared to get another one. Okay na ko dito. Kahit P200 lang increase yearly at least hindi ako hirap sa trabaho ko. Pa-browse browse lang. Dito na ko tatanda, uugatin at mamatay. Those are the people who never tried out something new. Ika-nga, “Go with the flow lang”.


Keep this in mind, Only dead fish swim in the current.


Now ask yourself, alin ka sa dalawa? :))

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